Online poker strategy and tips

Playing poker takes minutes while learning it can take years. With this simple poker betting strategy you can get ahead of the pack with some simple tricks. With these easy tips for poker you can become a good poker player within a few minutes. You can learn basic poker strategies with these simple tips & tricks.

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Online poker strategy tips for beginners

Learn the rules, positions and poker hands ranking

To start your poker career or hobby, first thing is to learn the basic rules of the game, how the game play works and other important aspects of the game like how your position in the game affect does how you should play your hands. And of course, it is important to know the hand rankings as well.

Learn poker odds

Many beginners just straight to the game without understanding the mathematics of the game. Just a quick study of how poker odds works will improve your game a ton in the beginning.

Knowing the odds will help you to play your draws and made hands much better and will cut the easiest mistakes out straight away.

Learn to fold

Most underrated skill in poker is to fold, even a full house is sometimes easy fold. Just you need to realize when it is good to fold really good hands and when you can call with them. There are no straight answer on these and you will learn these in time.

Play tight but aggressive

It might sound boring, but playing tight is the best way to win money in the beginning. Especially in low stakes games where other players might be just splashing around with their monies and making silly plays.

Against these opponents you will print cash when you wait good hands and play them aggressive by raising or reraising. And if the flop gives you top pair or better, it is best just to keep raising.

Don’t bluff too much

In low stakes where players are call happy, it is not advisable to bluff too much because you will get called down way too often.

Just play good hands aggressively and learn to find good bluff spots. And when you bluff, choosing the right bet size is also very important.

Find the best games

Choosing the game you play will make a huge difference on your win rate. If you spend 5 minutes on choosing the table, you join can be the single biggest aspect on your win (or lose) rate.

So try to look tables where people are playing loosely and passively, those are the easiest games to win money.

Think about your opponent’s cards

In the beginning it might be difficult to read opponent hand or even trying to guess what is he playing with. But if you keep paying attention to your opponents what hands they play and in what styles, you will start learning their habits.

When you get a good idea how your opponents are playing, then you can make big calls on river against them when they might be bluffing, or you can find a spot where you can raise with your hand when you notice your opponent is having a somewhat decent hand, but you think your hand is just bit better.

These are the most fun and profitable spots in poker besides getting all-in with pockets aces preflop.

Play only when you feel good

The state of your mind is very important when you start playing. You should try to avoid playing tired or drunk or annoyed as these moods will make you do bad decisions on poker tables.

Still we are all humans and I would say nearly all poker players have done these mistakes and played with a wrong state of mind, and they have regret it later most often. And if you get bad beats, take a break and cool down.

Use software

Advanced players might use a software which collects data of the played hands and shows key statistics how his opponents are playing. Stats like how many hands they are playing or how aggressive they are can give them an edge if used correctly.

But today, a lot of online poker sites are either banned these softwares or are offering same statistics to all players so all players would be at the same starting line and no one has an unfair advantage.

Many players have data collecting software but are still playing with out as often best decisions are made when watched how opponents are playing today, and not how they have played last week. So, pay attention on each sessions to your opponents to crush them!

Start at low stakes to understand poker strategy

Unless you have extra cash to use, it is good to start with low stakes to get an feeling for the games are played and how good you are doing in them.

Start developing your own poker strategy as that is the best way to win. Internet is full of poker strategy guides and a lot of people are following those. But when they are just copying someone else’s strategy, they won’t learn how to think them selves and in a long run they will lose to those who can actually think themselves.

Take your time

Don’t except to win straight away when you jump in to poker tables. Poker is easy game to learn, but very difficult to master.

Take a note that poker has huge variance and even if you play better than your opponents, sometime the cards are just not coming to your way and losing streaks are inevitable. Prepare yourself to lose money.

Start playing a table

Last tip for beginners, don’t open too many tables at one time. Start playing with just one or two tables and follow the games closely and try to learn what your opponents are doing.

Hope these tips gave you some help to start your poker games. Good luck in the tables!