cryptocurrency poker

Crypto poker sites are quickly on the rise allowing more flexibility and opportunities for online poker players and live poker players alike. The best crypto poker sites enable you to participate cash games, tournaments and sit and go’s, just like in any other online poker sites.

The number of poker sites accepting crypto is increasing as the currency grows in popularity. In this article we look at the best crypto poker sites, reasons to gamble using crypto, and the advantages thereof. Keep reading for all the information you need for playing at cryptocurrency betting sites.

Best cryptocurrency poker sites

Currently the best online poker sites which accepts cryptos are

Poker sites that accept bitcoin

We’ve rounded up the best poker sites that let you play with bitcoins! Whether you like big bonuses, lots of promotions or massive tournament field or just normal cash games, there’s something here for everyone.

For each poker site, we’ll be taking a look at their strengths and weaknesses and explaining who they’re suited for, such as which ones are best for cash games, tournaments and sit and go’s.

Why play in cryptocurrency poker sites?

There are many reasons to play in cryptocurrency poker sites. We give you top 5 reasons why you should use Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies when playing online poker.

  1. Decentralized money transfers

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized payment systems, which means it is not controlled by any central authority. You can easily send and receive money to your crypto wallet and no authority is watching and approving your transactions. No bank or government can block your cryptocurrency transactions.

  1. Anonymous payments

When you transfer money, your bank and authorities in your country can track and trace the transaction, and even block it. While using credit cards, you need to provide your personal details, which must be clean before they give you a permission to use a credit card. With cryptos you can easily start using them and no one is tracing where the cryptos are going and no one asks any personal details. They are completely anonymous.

  1. Cryptos eliminated fraud risk for merchants

Crypto transactions are more secure compared to fiat money and also cryptos are transferred fast between parties. You can send and receive cryptos within seconds and they cannot be cancelled later. With credit cards, many people are sending money first and later cancelling the payment, which for merchants create a huge problem as they will get charge back issues for these.

  1. You can invest your cryptocurrency winnings

You can also invest in cryptos. Not just by holding or trading, but also staking and loaning. With the current loan rate in fiat markets where you might even get negative interest, in cryptos you might be able to find a loan service which give over 10% annualized interest. And this comes on top of value increase of the cryptocurrency.

  1. Lower fees

Most traditional money transfer services are charging high transaction fees from the customer and the merchant. These charges are taking in every transaction, and they often are a fixed percentage of the transferred amount, which can amount to a very hefty fee. But in cryptos you just pay the same fee with every transaction, no matter how much you are transferring at one time.

Are cryptocurrency poker sites safe?

Due to nature of cryptocurrencies not being regulated at all, there are many small and new currencies coming up all the time and there are some bad players. But the poker sites using well established cryptos carries much reduced risk of being fraudulent. Biggest risk one might say if the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices, which fluctuates highly.

Some cryptocurrency sites are even regulated by well established entities in and they must obey their rules and regulations. These poker and other gambling sites which hold reputable gambling licenses can be seen as safe as any other well established online gambling sites.

How can I buy Bitcoins?

There are many places where you can buy, sell and hold bitcoins. First you need to create an account to one of these places and then transfer some fiat money to them. And after this you can purchase bitcoins with the money you transferred to them.

You will be given an online bitcoin wallet where you can send and receive bitcoins and no one else have access to that wallet. We recommend that you use Coinmotion service to buy bitcoins. It is regulated by Finnish financial supervisory authority along with its EU counterpart. So we can say that this is really safe and secure service.