Online poker guide for beginners

Poker strategy

Regardless your age, sex, personality or wealth, poker is a game that everybody can enjoy.

Online poker strengthens this idea as everybody can play online where ever they choose to. You can play it at home, in traffic jam, bar or even in hunting trip, as long as there is working internet connection.

There are estimated to be over 100 million poker players in the world, and the count keeps getting higher as more people get connected and players will play in the same safe online software.

IF you want to learn to improve your poker skills to win money from it, you came to right place. We not also provide information where you can safely play online poker, but also provide articles how you can improve your game.

Introduction to online poker

In a very simple terms, online poker is just poker that is played in the internet. There are huge number of different sites where you can play poker either with play or real money and the game selection varies vastly between all sites.

But, online poker has the same rules online as it has in live games when playing face to face against other people. There are few key differences though.

Online poker is considered a fast paced game where you can pay with very low stakes and there are games running around the clock all day every day. Where as in live casinos you can only play when the casino is open and there are other players interested playing.

Biggest drawback in online poker if that you cannot see your opponent’s how they react to certain situations and thus reveal the strength of their hand.

Start of online poker

Before internet, poker was played in dark backrooms of a local bar or hidden casino somewhere. Only few casinos offered poker back in the days.

This changed in the early 2000s when depositing money to online sites became available to people and software technology advanced to a stage where multiple people were able to play against each other.

Online poker seriously started booming after 2003 when amateur player Chris Moneymakes (Yes it is he’s real name) won the world series of poker main event after qualifying to it from 80 usd satellite tournament.

Moneymakes won over 2.5 million dollars from that tournament, and this got poker boom started. Quite fast after this there was many tv shows on major networks broadcasting poker shows.

Why online poker is popular

There are many reasons for this. One of the key factors is poker is game of intellectual risk taking with a change of luck, so it appeals to broad audience.

Unlucky other casino games like slots or roulette where no decision with meaning is made. In poker, every decision count and there is no complete information what the right play is ever. Players just have to think them selves and do the best decision they can.

How to start playing online poker

To start playing in online poker sites is easy. Mainly you just need a device which is connected to internet, like computer or mobile phone.

First you need to choose the site you want to start playing and download their poker software to your device. After installing the software, you need to register to the site and deposit money there if you want to play with real money.

How much money is needed to play online poker?

You can get to online poker games with very little money. Cheapest games costs less than one dollar. But poker sites often offers first deposit bonuses for new customers and to take advantage of these, it is good to deposit 50 – 100 dollars in the first deposit.

What poker variations there are?


There are countless of poker variations in the world. But online main poker game is Texas hold’em, what you can play almost all poker sites.

Other popular poker variations are Omaha, 7 card stud, hi/lo variant of those two. Less common games are Courchevel, archer, badugi, sviten special and razz just to name few.

Online poker tournaments

In poker tournaments, players will buy-in for a certain amount and everyone will receive the same amount of poker chips in the beginning. Tournaments last until one player has all the chips.

Tournaments are very popular form of poker as you always know how much money you are risking. In tournaments you can enter with less than one dollar and the game can last many hours before winner is set.

Sit & go tournaments

These are very similar to normal tournaments. The difference here is that often there is only one table with 6 or 9 players in this format and like regular tournaments, winner is the one with all the chips at the end.

Benefits with sit & go tournaments are that they don’t last as long as regular tournaments and they start then the table if full.

Online poker cash games

Cash game is the oldest form of poker. Here you play straight up with real money againt other players. Cash games can last so long as there are players willing to play. So you can enter and leave the game as you please.

How to choose best online poker site?

There are few key factors to look to find best online poker site for you. Next we go through what to look when choosing a poker site where you want to deposit real money.

Poker bonuses

What site gives the most valuable deposit bonus for you. Almost every online poker site offers some sort of bonus for new players. Often there are deposit bonuses were poker site matches your first deposit and gives same amount of bonus money.

The bonus amount varies between sites, where one site can give 10 dollar bonus and other site can give 1000 dollar bonus. For those who plays a lot, bigger bonus is better.

Some sites offers freerolls for new players where they can win real money and other sites might just offer difference promotions to all players without anything specifically for new players.

So keep an eye what if the bonus on each site for new players and find some extra value.

Country restrictions

Due to different legistelation on nations, not all poker sites can offer their games to all countries. Usa, UK and southern Europe countries might be restricted on many site so it is good to check if the site allows you to play or deposit money to them.

Deposit and withdrawal options

While this might not be an issue in many places, it is still good to check what kind of deposit options are available on the poker site and are they charging a fee on deposits/withdraws.

This is rarely an issue if you deposit with Visa or Master card, but if you want to deposit with less common methods, then it is good to check if that method is accepted.

Vip-club or loyalty program

Many sites offers some kind of loyalty scheme for players and if you are planning to play a lot on the site, then it is good to know what kind of perks they are giving to players.

Not all sites are giving something, and some are just giving very little back to players. And on the contrast some sites are giving up to 60% rake back straight with cash.