How to play online poker with friends

Online poker has developed much in recent year and one very cool new feature is that that everyone can create their own games where you can only play with friends.

No need to join random tables in online poker sites where you don’t know anybody, and no one is chatting at all. All this can be changed with new online poker clubs and home games where you can just play against your friends!

Best online poker sites for home games

We recommend these poker sites to create a home game for your friends:

Party Poker



5 easy steps to create online poker game for friends

It only takes five easy steps to start playing with your friends in many online poker sites. Just follow these steps and the games are running in no time.

  1. Choose an online poker site where everyone has an account

There are many poker sites now who offers players to create own private poker clubs. We recommend these sites to start your own private poker games.

  1. Create your own poker club
Party poker home game

Easy way to create your own home games in party poker

It takes just one minute to create your own poker club. Only things you need to do is come up with a name for the club, create password for it and add a description for it and you have created your poker club.

  1. Invite your friends to join the club

Next step is to invite your friends on the poker club. Easiest way to get your friends to the club is to inform them the name of the club which they can find it in the poker site. After they have found it, they just need to join it with the password you created.

  1. Create poker games in the club

You have a lot of options what kind of games you can create. Firstly, you can choose if it is cash game or tournament you want to play.

Next choose the game variant. Often there is at least Texas hold’em and Omaha available. Some site offers more games than others.

And lastly choose the stakes for cash games or buy-in for the tournament. These can be anything from few cents to hundreds of dollars.

For tournament you can also choose if the tournament is regular tournament, bounty tournament and how fast the levels increase.

  1. Join the game

Last step is to join the game you created and let your friends to join there as well.

And there you have it. Just with five easy steps you have created an online poker home game for your friends.

How to join an online poker site

Joining to an online poker site is easy. First choose the poker site you wish to join from the links below, or choose one from our best online poker sites lists.

Poker Stars, Party Poker, Unibet

Next step is to follow their registration process, which are very simple and straight forward. You need to include some personal information so the poker sites can verify who you are.

Is is very important to give them real information if you are playing with real money. If you enter false information, when you try to withdraw money from the site, poker site will check and verify your identity and if it does not match with the information gives, they might deny the withdrawal due to money laundering laws, which are very strict on gambling related transactions.